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We has opened Guenpin Fugu and Snow Crab Restaurant first-ever overseas outlet in Singapore since October 2018.
Singapore, as you know, is one of industry center of the world, education, entertainment, finance, healthcare, logistics, IT.

Guenpin Singapore is located along Maxwell Road.
It is only 5 minutes from Maxwell Food Center.
It is popular in Japanese food lover include Japanese people living in Singapore.


We offer 2 private rooms, which can be connected, for business meetings and special celebrations.
Private room is avalable for free on requests and room availability.
Enjoy our Guenpin courses in a relaxing and cozy atmosphere.


Guenpin Fugu & Snow Crab Japanese Restaurant

32 Maxwell Road #01-06 SINGAPORE 069115


OPEN: 16:00-22:30 (LO: 22:00)
CLOSE: Sunday

TOTAL # of SEATS: 31 (Table:4, Private room:2, Counter:5)
PARTY: You can charter floor section, where MAX 21 people are available for seats.


“GUEN” [玄] stands for the profound root of the finest things while “PIN” [品] defines the top quality in food and exquisite taste served.
With its mission “to serve GUENPIN” [玄品], the number one torafugu restaurant in Japan prides itself in serving delicious and high quality torafugu cuisines that retains the original taste profile of the ingredients at unrivalled prices.
With certified and highly skilled chefs, Guenpin ensures the highest quality in food safety is maintained.
With a warm and heartfelt hospitality, Guenpin serves over 900,000 guests a year, with about 70 outlets in Japan.
In 2018, Guenpin opens its first-ever overseas outlet in Singapore.

Out of 22 kinds of puffer fish that are permitted for consumption by law in Japan, Torafugu, also known as Tiger Puffer Fish, is recognised as the highest grade of fugu.
Rich in collagen and protein, Torafugu has lesser calories and fats as compared to other fishes (approximately 85 kcal per 100g), making it the perfect fish for good health and beauty.
Because of its tough body, the Totafugu meat is more chewy than other fishes. The full taste of sweetness and feeling of tenderness is perfect.

Don’t worry about fugu poison.
Guenpin is strictly regulated by of the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority.
Guenpin’s fugu is prepared in the right way by a licensed chef.
So it is perfectlly safe.
You can enjoy Guenpin’s fugu without any worry.